Visual Quality Control
and Defect Detection System

AI.SEE™ – elunic’s Visual Quality Control and Defect Detection System uses next-generation Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and self-learning models based on machine learning (ML) and deep learning (AI) algorithms capable of exploiting data potentials, even if complexity increases.

AOI enables fast and accurate automated inspection of electronic assemblies to ensure high product quality output of PCB manufacturing. Surface inspection, positioning and orientation sensing of electrical components and classification are just a few examples illustrating the applications of the system. In contrast to traditional computer vision systems, AI.see deploys cutting-edge technologies to detect and locate objects and defects more efficiently and to enhance throughput and ease-of-use.


Real-Time Monitoring

Smart detection of error patterns prevents quality defects.

Better Quality

Minimizes malfunctions in finished goods.

Less scrap

Due to enhanced fault localization and traceability.

Less Downtime

Reduces time and data required for training.

Higher Robustness

Adaptive capabilities reduce pseudo errors and increase process window.

Higher Throughput

Due to high first-pass-yield and system availability.

Dedicated Hardware

Allowing in-process AI computation.

Tackles Operator Fatigue

Lower false-fail rates boost trust in test results.


Fast implementation, changeover and training.

Computer Vision vs. Deep Learning

Computer vision, used in conventional AOI test systems, only deals with identifying images using hard-coded rules to recognize lines and shapes. In contrast, AI.see deploys deep learning models which learn the interrelations between different data sets in real-time using deep learning with cutting-edge artificial neural networks. These enhanced adaptive capabilities not only deliver better quality to your customers but improve the performance of your production facility. For PCB manufacturers, AI.see is a smart solution on your path to Industry 4.0.

elunic - Range of A.I. Services


Collect and prepare training data


Choose and optimize preset models


Train and tune machine learning models


Deploy models in production


Scale and manage the production environment

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