A.I-based Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Industry



In order to simplify the effort of visual error detection in the productive pharmaceutical industry and to reduce error rates, elunic developed a system for automatic quality assurance with the help of deep learning algorithms.


Key Features

  • Automated defect detection in production lines.
  • Detection of micro anomalies which are not visible for humans.
  • Logical classification of defects.
  • Cross-customer evaluation and optimization.


Solutions & Services

  • Use of self-learning models for quality inspection and assurance.
  • High resolution industrial camera.
  • Object cleaning by an automated fan before taking a picture.

Mor information about the showcase

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  • Complete quality control in pharmaceutical production.



  • Image recognition
  • Position verification
  • Data reconciliation



  • AI.SEE
  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS Kinesis
  • TensorFlow