Industrial IoT Dashboard
for the Connected Industry is an Industrial IoT application for cloud or on-premises operation with which you can connect your systems, products and employees and visualize all relevant data in well-structured cockpits. Tapping into the IoT potential of your machinery creates added value for the manufacturer, the operator and the end-users of the equipment.

Asset Management

Asset & Configuration Management creates a digital representation of all assets and staff within the production hierarchy and provides insight into all relevant data, processes and events.

  • Key Figures & KPI’s
  • Historical machine data
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Live image & digital twin
  • Production hierarchy as per ISA 95
  • Intuitive user interface
  • User-specific visualization
  • Access via a web browser and mobile devices

Asset Task & Issue Tracking

The centralized task management for users and operators allows you to track overdue, open and completed tasks on machine, employee and team level.

  • Manual tasks
  • Interval-based tasks
  • Measured value/condition-based tasks
  • Predictive tasks (Machine Learning)
  • Display per machine, employee or team
  • Standardized interfaces to existing IT systems
Social Network

Asset Activity Stream

Each entity has its timeline to display all relevant human and machine activities along with posts, comments and likes. In this social network of man and machines, processes become easier to understand and to optimize.

  • Separate timeline per entity
  • Posts, comments and likes
  • Human and machine activities
  • Accumulation of searchable knowledge

E-Learning & Knowledge Management offers you a single source of truth for your product range or individual items as well as user-generated content. Successful corrective actions for certain machine defects are highlighted by “liking” and can be shared with all production participants.

  • Digital operating instructions
  • Multimedia training material
  • User generated content for problem solving
  • User generated content for best practices
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Predictive Maintenance

Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance

Machine learning algorithms can consume the collected data for forecasting, process support and process automation. For instance, necessary maintenance can be detected early by data-supported, predictive measures preventing downtime proactively.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Predictive Repurchase
  • Reduced servicing times and costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • OEE maximization
  • Auto-matching of error code and solution
Asset Ident

Asset Identity & Access Management

QR code stickers on machines make accessing the right machine data a breeze. Scan the code with your tablet and get to the entity’s dashboard in an instant. No hassle of typing IDs. No manual search effort. Right on the spot.

  • All information always with you.
  • Easy to affix using convenient stickers
  • Quick-and-easy on-site information retrieval
  • Convenient scanning of machine IDs
  • Increased maintenance efficiency
AI - Artificial Intelligence

Asset Condition Monitoring

Digitizing and connectingyour organization’s critical assets improves scalability, efficiency, and utilization of your facilities. We support you in finding real opportunities and implementing solutions that seamlessly complement your existing IT.

  • Digital and enriched by users
  • Real-time reporting
  • Intelligent and dynamic production planning
  • Identification of components to be maintained
  • Centralized monitoring – be it 10 or 1000 machines
  • Statistical evaluation

Modular Expandability

State-of-the-art enterprise software should be modular, maintainable, scalable and expandable to provide optimum support for your processes in a dynamic environment. With, you can trust in a modern system that uses the latest technologies and standards making sure that your IT will keep abreast with your growth.

  • Standardized interfaces
  • Lightweight web application
  • Modular integration of third-party components
  • Standardized UI elements for visualization
  • Data connection via generic RESTful API (OpenAPI)
  • Operating system and device-independent web app
  • Rollout as a native app (optional)
  • Complete extensibility through widgets

Flexible Operation & Compliance

By using standard technologies, can be operated and hosted wherever you need it. On-premise or in the cloud. Locally or globally – our experts will support and accompany you.

  • Docker compatible
  • Full Kubernetes support
  • Full scalability – be it 1 or 100 servers
  • Operation in the Cloud, e.g. AWS, Azure or Google
  • Optional: Operation on your server or VM

Your Benefits.

Utilization Analysis

Be informed about your asset utilization

Maintenance analysis

Get an overview of necessary maintenance or available upgrades


Perform upselling or maintenance accurately

Connecting your products enables a full range of digital applications which maximize the product value for the end-user.

Digital dashboards of your products increase competitiveness and strengthen customer value and loyalty. Usage data are worth gold because they enable customized consulting, demand-oriented upselling and predictable maintenance. We will support you in developing innovative and sustainable user experiences.

Attractive digital value adds

Impressive service through automatic spare parts delivery

Continuous quality assurance and improvement through statistical data of your facilities

High ROI for your customers through reduced downtime, powered by predictive maintenance

Tailored consulting and support services through real-time data

A multitude of individual options per product

Say goodbye to documentation folders, idle equipment, protracted maintenance, and inflexible production planning. By fully networking your production, systems become repaired before they fail. Your technicians have all manuals and documentation in their pocket. And your production planning can draw on detailed data to achieve higher workloads and respond quickly to changing requirements.

Optimization of plant utilization

Automatic spare parts reordering

Efficient production process monitoring & control

Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance

(Partially) automated quality assurance

By actively monitoring equipment and easily identifying it with QR codes on site, you can do more work in much less time. Using the digital twin, you can monitor the condition of the systems in real time and detect imminent failures in advance. And when maintenance is due: With Dataface on your tablet computer, you scan the QR code on site, and all manuals, documentation and additional information appear immediately in your hands ready for retrieval.

In-depth reports and visualizations of the facility status via digital twins

Automatic spare parts reordering

Efficient production process monitoring & control

Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance

Access to proposed solutions from colleagues

Endless possibilities instead of endless diagnostics

Integration and Extension.

Service-Oriented Architecture

When implementing IIoT applications, agility, maintainability, data security, adaptability and scalability are decisive factors. To keep pace with the rapid development in Industry 4.0, software development is moving from rigid and monolithic structures to lean and agile microservices. Therefore, has been implemented as a lightweight web application that enables the modular integration of third-party components. These perform clearly defined subtasks, are easily interchangeable and expandable and can drastically reduce the time to market of new features compared to complex, rigid and long-planned monoliths.

In the Cloud or On-Premise

Modern cloud platforms such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure offer high scalability and data security at predictable costs. We also support companies who wish to stay independent or build their own platforms with the development of on-premise applications.

Another option is cloud-to-cloud solutions because not every service requires unlimited scalability. System-critical applications, for example, can be hosted in their own cloud and communicate with load-intensive services in the cloud platform.

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On premises

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