Foresee and prevent potential disasters –
tailored specifically for production companies.

Struggling to stay ahead?

Continuous optimization is key to staying competitive.

Without the ability to constantly innovate and improve, production companies risk falling behind their competitors. With anomaly detection, companies gain a powerful tool for driving continuous improvement and staying ahead of the curve. By leveraging advanced analytics and predictive capabilities, AI.PLANTMIND™ empowers you to identify inefficiencies, reduce downtime, and optimize production processes for maximum efficiency and competitiveness.


Counting the cost of downtime

Proactive solutions to minimize disruptions.

Downtime is the bane of any manufacturing business, draining resources and impacting profitability. With the right tools in place, companies can mitigate the impact of unplanned maintenance and production stoppages. AI.PLANTMIND™ offers a proactive approach to downtime management, enabling you to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into costly disruptions.

Striving for excellence

Achieve top-tier production quality with AI insights.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, excellence isn’t just desirable – it’s imperative for survival. Enter anomaly detection: AI.PLANTMIND™ is a game-changing product designed to empower production companies with unparalleled insights and control over their processes. With anomaly detection, you can elevate your performance, surpass industry standards and set new benchmarks for success.


Kickstart your AI.PLANTMIND™ journey

AI Training

Train the normal state of your production systems. The AI Wizard guides you through the configuration process in 5 simple steps.

AI Detection

Monitor your production systems in near real time. The detected anomalies trigger follow-up processes.

Fields of application

Pattern recognition identifies areas in the process that can be optimized to reduce the number of production rejects. The system also detects potential safety risks and alerts operators to take safety measures. For example, deviations in temperature or pressure values can be detected, indicating a potential fire or explosion hazard before an incident occurs.

Industry sectors

Tool manufacture

Production engineering


Automotive engineering


Cement industry


and much more.


Oscillation/ vibration





Compressed air



Your advantages with AI-driven monitoring

Real-time monitoring 24/7

Continuous monitoring of critical production parameters. Continuous optimization through self-learning AI.

Longer lead times

Detection of deviations at an early stage. Maintenance can be planned and carried out with more lead time.

Increase in OEE

Improved performance through increased system availability and cost reductions through optimized service processes.

Self-service training

Independent determination and expansion of production parameters to be monitored.

Integration of leading systems

Avoidance of data silos through connection to ERP, PDA and MES systems (Influx, Cumulocity, Nexeed, etc.)

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