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In a digital world, the integration of your machinery and additional services are important criteria in order to ensure the competitiveness of your products. The business model has been gradually changing from manufacturer to operator and service provider. Useful services provide your customers with such information as the utilization of machines, necessary maintenance or available upgrades. At the same time, you bind the customer to your business, allowing for upselling or accurate maintenance.

elunic is a strategy consultant and software integrator for IIoT & Industry 4.0.



Advice on business areas, procedures and technical challenges.


Architecture, development and maintenance of perfect-fit software solutions.

Sensors & Embedded

Integration of machines via IoT sensors and microcontrollers.


Integration of the most important IoT platforms and on-premises solutions.

Range of services.

IIoT Digital Twin

Digital Services & Digital Twin

Digital services increase the competitiveness of your products and enhance customer value and retention. The usage data are valuable, because you allow individual counseling, needs-based upselling and predictable maintenance. We advise you and help you develop innovative and future-proof user experiences.

Asset Management

Asset Management & Efficiency Equipment

The digitization and integration of important assets of your company improves scalability, efficiency and utilization of your equipment. We advise you on specific opportunities and implement solutions that complement your existing IT seamlessly.

elunic Digitalisierung

Digitization of industrial processes

The digitization of processes is essential for the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial enterprises. Based on modular components, we support an agile transformation of their processes up to complete production digitization.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (AI)

By using artificial intelligence, maintenance times and costs can be reduced drastically. We provide information about the possibilities and help in the implementation of intelligent solutions that help identify the necessary maintenance of your products and prevent breakdowns.

Big Data

Big Data / Visualization

The Internet of Things is leading to huge amounts of data in industrial environments. With the help of our Data Scientists, we are able to visualize this data to compress it meaningfully and to make it usable for areas such as predictive maintenance or repurchase prediction.

IOTA - Machine Payments

Machine 2 Machine Payments

The increasing use of on-demand machine capacity and the automatic booking of required service require cost-effective and completely documented microtransactions. We provide advice on the transition from manufacturer to operator of your products, using blockchain technologies such as IOTA.

elunic is in the digitization of our manufacturing process is always a competent sparring partner, who always finds to individual challenges right solutions and implements them reliable.

Dr. Thomas König

CEO Typico GmbH

The special focus on agility just manages elunic to develop operational applications in a very short time and so to realize real value.

Corporate Vice President

Manufacturer food technology


During development of IIoT applications agility, maintainability, data security, flexibility and scalability are key factors. To keep pace with the rapid development in the industry 4.0, the software development of rigid and monolithic structures moved to lean and agile Micro Services. These do clearly defined tasks, are easily replaceable and expandable and time to market can dramatically reduce compared to complex, rigid and lengthy planned monolith.

Development: Agile and Test-Driven

elunic develops software solutions for industry 4.0. The central building blocks are microservices based on modern technologies such as TypeScript and Node.js. The applications are created in agile sprints and use interfaces to existing systems, rather than replacing them. This reduces costs, shortens migration phases and focuses on adding value from day one. Through the use of proven services and libraries, we never start from scratch and present prototypes usually within a short time. This allows for early proof of concept testing and findings from practive and directly translated into measures for further development.

Benefits of Micro Services


Micro Services dock via interfaces to your existing IT, rather than replacing them.


Each service can be replaced by an alternative implementation, as long as it meets the interface definition.


elunic develops based on state-of-the-art standards using common libraries.


We provide the source code of the Services. The compactness of individual microservices means they are easily extensible by third parties.


Performance-critical services, for example, implemented with AWS lambda to scale almost limitless in load.


Due to their compactness and explicit interface definition, microservices can be easily and automatically tested, making them more future-proof.

Cloud platform or on-premises?

Modern cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure offer high scalability and data security at calculable costs. For companies that want to build their own platforms and not depend on external services, we also support the development of on-premises applications.
Another option is cloud-to-cloud solutions: not every service requires unlimited scalability. For example, system-critical applications can be hosted on-promise and communicate with load-intensive services in the cloud.
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On premises

Digital services as a competitive factor.

Added value for your customers.

Additional digital features

The integration of your products enables a broad range of digital applications, which further enhance the benefits of your products to the user

Optimization of capacity utilization

Automatic reordering of replacement parts

Efficient production process monitoring & control

Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance

(Partly) automated quality assurance

A multitude of individual options for each product

Using the digital apps, you can keep your customers informed about innovations and up-to-date in your business ecosystem.

Improved user experience

The integration of your machines allows for the full separation of machine control and user interface. The user applications do not require any special hardware and can be operated from more familiar devices such as smartphones, tablets or desktop/laptop computers. This lowers the technical barriers for both the user as well as for software developers and allows for timely and cost-effective development of first-class user experiences, which greatly simplifies the customer’s interaction with your product.

Added value for manufacturers.

Product finishing and competitive advantage

Product improvements on the hardware side are usually associated with great cost and a necessary physical modification of the terminals. At the same time the increasing competition makes it difficult to distinguish from cheaper suppliers in the hardware sector, for example, from the Asian region. Digital offers, on the other hand, significantly increase the perceived customer value of your machines, promoting an innovative image of your company and usually do not require major adjustments to the existing hardware. These software-based additional services complement the technical development of your products with a significantly faster, lower-risk return on investment.

Usage data are invaluable

The intergration of your machinery with cloud-based supplementary offers allows for insights in machine, sensory and usage data of your equipment on premises. This allows you to predict and perform necessary maintenance on a preventative basis, provide tailored upselling offers and to better forecast machine part requirements. In addition, the data are the basis for effective development and refinement of your products.

Future-proof IoT orientation

The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming one of the major drivers of innovation that will define everyday life in the industry of the future. Manufacturers have recognized the added value of machine integration and are identifying and realizing the opportunities of their own products with increasing speed. elunic accompanies you along the way, helping you make the added value for your products available to set up your business model for the future and take advantage from the cutting edge of industrial transformation.

IIoT partner at eye level.

Our team for over 15 years developed cloud-based software solutions for small businesses and corporations in the industry. We meet the growing demands of the industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things with more than 30 highly qualified and specialized experts for parts such as Big Data, predictive maintenance, IT security and UX development.

Know-How meets Innovation

The geographical proximity and good contacts with the Technical University of Munich allow us a continuous supply of engineers and access to the latest scientific findings. Coupled with our many years of practical experience of innovative and demanding major projects practice, we are ready to realize your individual requirements at the highest level.

Other documents.

elunic short profile

The short profile of elunic provides a concise summary of challenges that we aim to solve with accurately fitting software solutions.

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elunic company presentation

The company presentation gives you an overview of elunic and shows selected show cases in the field of industrial internet of things.

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elunic IIoT workshop

Before the successful realization of your individual challenges, a workshop with elunic can make sense to identify optimal points of contact.

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