The AI.SEE™ Line Inspector is part of the AI.SEE™ suite. It is installed on the production line providing its own cameras or interfacing with existing cameras. It analyzes the camera images locally and controls the downstream process depending. This may include automatic ejection of defective products, displaying alerts, or sending messages to staff members in charge.

In combination with AI.SEE™ Core , the AI.SEE™ Line Inspector serves as a data hub that passes image data to the Core. AI.SEE™ Core enables you to track the production quality of manufactured products, including image data, across all lines.

Automated Quality Assurance Right at the Production Line

AI.SEE™ Line Inspector Specifications


AI.SEE Smart Camera



ApplicationCost-efficient testing of individual tasksFlexible solution with higher performanceHigh-performance single test or several simultaneous tests
TypeEmbedded SensorEmbedded PCBoxPC
Performance evaluation per second1210 **)
Max. number of sensors124 *)
Sensor connection typesnone1x USB 3.0, 1x GigE with PoE2x USB 3.0, 4x GigE
Local data storage6 GB128 GB700 GB
Evaluation history depth (typ.)1,20031,000 **)170,000 **)
Expandable cloud storagelimitedfullyfully
Data throughput100 Mbit/sec1 GBit/sec3 Gbit/sec
Core required (for training)yesyesno
IntegrationStandalonePC in control cabinet, 
camera in stationStandalone (IP65 control cabinet)
or integrated

* Application-dependent

** Typical evaluation range 4 MPixel

AI.SEE™ Core

With AI.SEE™ Core, you collect and manage large volumes of quality assurance data and images. AI.SEE™ automatically trains the AI-assisted, self-learning, neural-network-based error-detection algorithm, further improving its accuracy with every new image.


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