Self-learning, data-interpreting and fully automated

The generative AI that keeps your machines competitive

shopfloorGPT transforms machine data into practical insights using AI algorithms to prevent production disruptions and democratize knowledge within the company. Intelligent data analysis optimizes communication between machines and users and provides a user-friendly interface that is accessible even to team members without in-depth technical knowledge. By integrating and storing data from different sources, shopfloorGPT enables an efficient flow of information and automates routine tasks to minimize human error.


Artificial Intelligence tailored for you:
the perfect blend of technology innovation and expert guidance

Overcome the skilled worker shortage

AI-driven solutions to bridge the skills gap.

The manufacturing industry is facing a significant shortage of skilled workers, making it difficult to maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency. shopfloorGPT mitigates this issue by using AI to democratize knowledge within the company, enabling less experienced team members to effectively manage and monitor production processes.


Break free from data silos

Unify your systems for maximum efficiency.

Even the best-run operations can suffer from data fragmentation and communication breakdowns. shopfloorGPT integrates and stores data from various sources, including unstructured data like service tickets. This facilitates a seamless flow of information and enhances communication between machines and users, leading to improved decision-making and operational synergy.

Stay ahead or fall behind

Integrate AI to future-proof your manufacturing operations.

Even with robust systems in place, manufacturers often face challenges in optimizing production monitoring and control. shopfloorGPT enhances your existing processes by serving as a central point of contact, streamlining monitoring, and providing real-time insights to keep production running smoothly and efficiently.


Upcoming Webinar:

Why AI Agents outperform GPT in manufacturing

Are you a producer or manufacturer looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your company but unsure where to start? Overwhelmed by the possibilities and unclear about the advantages of AI agents compared to traditional chatbots like ChatGPT?

Our exclusive webinar “Industrial Intelligence: Why AI Agents Outperform GPT in Manufacturing” provides the answers you’re looking for!


Innovate confidently with AI: comprehensive technology meets expert consulting

We don’t stop at just providing cutting-edge technology – our dedicated team of industry experts will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring a seamless integration and tailored solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs. We share our extensive industry knowledge and experience, guiding you through every stage of implementation.

Designed for the manufacturing industry

Specialized microservice approach with dedicated AI agents reduces workload and leads to goal-oriented solutions.

Anomalies are detected early on

shopfloorGPT automatically adjusts the process parameters. Intelligent planning allows you to minimize downtimes and increase product quality.

Effortless customization via ‘Skills’

Easily train shopfloorGPT to handle specific tasks using the intuitive ‘Skills’ function. No programming knowledge required, enabling seamless adaptation to your unique manufacturing needs.

Don’t just manage data –
let it work for you.

From searching through manuals and organizing maintenance work to evaluating and interpreting machine data:
shopfloorGPT is your central point of contact for efficient production monitoring and control.

See how our AI solutions are applied in actionable scenarios:

Use case:
virtual part-time employee in service


Use case:
Automated oil report analysis in quality inspection


Experience flawless operations with shopfloorGPT

Automated data analysis

Let documents, technical drawings, tables and more be analyzed and summarized in reports.

Intuitive operability

Voice-controlled interaction and automatic adjustment of machine configurations.

Reducing operating costs

Reduce costs through autonomous machine monitoring and optimization of machine parameters.

Seamless integration

Securely embedded in your existing IT architecture, whether on modern cloud platforms or locally on-premises.

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3) Put our AI agent to the test.

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