Automatic SMT (surface-mounted device) inspection



Inspections to find faults in the PCB mounting process are still carried out manually by a worker on site.

In order to simplify this process and to reduce the amount of errors, elunic was commissioned to develop a system based on artificial intelligence that automatically detects errors.


Key Features

  • Anomaly detection and classification during circuit mounting.
  • Dashboard with a circuit board inspector and evaluation of results.


Solutions & Services

  • Implementation and roll-out of an A.I.-based Circuit Board Inspector.
  • Generation of image data to train machine learning algorithm.
  • Use of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

Mor information about the showcase

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  • Automated inspection and defect detection in printed circuit board production.



  • Image recognition
  • Position verification
  • Data reconciliation



  • AI.SEE
  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS Kinesis
  • TensorFlow