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In a digital world, connecting your machines and appropriate add-on services are key factors in ensuring product competitiveness. The business model is continuously changing from being a manufacturer to becoming an operator and service provider. Useful services provide your customers' insight into machine utilization, necessary maintenance or available upgrades. Concurrently, you hook your customer into your business, e.g. for upselling or bespoke servicing.

elunic is your strategy consultant and software integrator for IIoT & Industry 4.0.



Consultancy on business areas, procedures and technical challenges.


Architecture, programming and maintenance of tailor-made software solutions.


Integration of the most essential IoT platforms and on-premises solutions.

Sensors & Embedded

Connecting of machines via IoT sensors and microcontrollers.

Service Spectrum.

IIoT Digital Twin

Digital Services & Digital Twins

Digital services increase the competitiveness of your products and strengthen customer value and loyalty. Usage data are worth gold because they enable customized consulting, demand-oriented upselling and predictable maintenance. We will support you in developing innovative and sustainable user experiences.

Asset Management

Asset Management & Equipment Efficiency

Digitizing and connecting your organization’s critical assets improves scalability, efficiency, and utilization of your facilities. We support you in finding real opportunities and implementing solutions that seamlessly complement your existing IT.

elunic Digitalisierung

Digitization of Industrial Processes

Digitization of business processes is vital for the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial businesses. Based on modular components, we support an agile transformation of your processes right up to the complete digitalization of the entire factory.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Through the use of artificial intelligence, service times and costs can be reduced significantly. We offer advice about such opportunities and help you to implement intelligent solutions that will identify necessary product maintenance and prevent downtimes.

Big Data

Big Data / Visualization

The Internet of Things leads to vast collections of data, especially in industrial environments. With the help of our Data Scientists, we can visualize these data, consolidate them meaningfully and utilize them for purposes such as predictive maintenance or predictive repurchase.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (AI)

Digital transformation and user interactions through apps generate valuable usage data. Together with operating data derived from sensors and machines (IIoT), they provide the foundation on which improvement potentials are identified and predictions made.


„Their focus on agility allows elunic to develop ready to use applications within no time and therefor create real added value."

Brian Lau

Vice President Business Development - ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

„elunic supported us from the concept phase through the prototype up to the finished product. They were highly committed with an efficient implementation strategy and impressed us with their Industrie 4.0 expertise."

Alexander Burk

Head of Software Development - Weber Maschinenbau GmbH

„elunic’s experience in IIoT software development and architecture broadened our know-how regarding hardware and processing. The merger of these different components together with technical expertise made it possible to create a platform, which will serve as the basis for further intelligent products and digital services provided by Schunk."

Martin May

Director Innovation Center - SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG

„With FactoryChat and FactoryDashboard we are closing the remaining gaps between the plant operator, the problem and the solution. A multitude of scenarios can be covered this way and the system is fully customizable. We made the right decision working with elunic. The cooperation was all we could have hoped for - highly professional and goal-oriented with open communication. This is how you create solutions with real added value."

Emil Nigl

Product Sales Manager - GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

"With fresh approaches, well-founded expertise and industry-specific industrial know-how, elunic is a valuable partner for us with whom we were able to quickly take a major step forward towards smart products."

Urs Truttmann

R&D Project Management - Güdel AG


When implementing IIoT applications, agility, maintainability, data security, adaptability and scalability are decisive factors. To keep pace with the rapid development in Industry 4.0, software development is moving from rigid and monolithic structures to lean and agile microservices. These perform clearly defined subtasks, are easily interchangeable and expandable and can drastically reduce the time to market compared to complex, rigid and long-planned monoliths.

Development: Agile and Test-Driven

elunic develops software solutions for Industry 4.0. The heart of these solutions are microservices using modern technologies such as Typescript and Node.js. The applications are created in agile sprints and connect to existing systems via interfaces instead of replacing them. This reduces costs, shortens migration phases and focuses on adding value from day one. By using tried and tested services and libraries, we never start from scratch and can generally present prototypes within a concise time. In this way, a proof of concept can be carried out at an early stage, and practical findings can be translated directly into measures for further development.

Advantages of Microservices


Microservices dock to your existing IT via interfaces instead of replacing it.


Each service can be replaced by an alternative implementation as long as it meets the interface definition.


elunic develops its software based on the latest development standards by utilizing common libraries.


You receive the source code of the services. Thanks to the compact nature of individual microservices, they can easily be expanded by third parties.


For example, performance-critical services are implemented with AWS Lambda so that they can be scaled almost indefinitely under load.


Thanks to their compactness and clear interface definition, microservices can be easily and automatically tested, drastically increasing the future security of the applications.

Cloud Platform or On-Premise?

Modern cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure offer high scalability and data security at predictable costs. We also support companies who wish to stay independent or build their own platforms with the development of on-premise applications.
Another option is cloud-to-cloud solutions because not every service requires unlimited scalability. System-critical applications, for example, can be hosted in their own cloud and communicate with load-intensive services in the cloud platform.
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On premises

Digital Services as a Competitive Factor.

Added Value for Your Customers.

Additional Digital Features

Networking your products opens up a full range of digital applications that can improve the user experience of your products.

Optimization of plant utilization

Automatic spare parts reordering

Efficient production process monitoring & control

Reduced downtime through predictive maintenance

(Partially) automated quality assurance

A large variety of customization options per product

Using digital apps, you can communicate innovations and keep customers up to date in the ecosystem of your company.

Improved User Experience

By connecting your machinery, you can completely separate the machine control from the user interface. The user applications no longer require any special hardware and can be operated from familiar end devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. This lowers technical barriers, for users and software developers alike, and enables a timely and cost-effective development of a world-class user experience that dramatically simplifies customer interaction with your product.

Added Value for Manufacturers.

Product Refinement and Competitive Advantage

Hardware product improvements are usually associated with high costs and a necessary physical modification of the end devices. At the same time, increasing competition in the hardware sector is making it more difficult to differentiate from cheaper suppliers, for example from Asia. Digital offers, on the other hand, considerably increase the value of your machinery perceived by the end customer, promote an innovative company image and usually do not require any major modifications of existing hardware. This means that software-based add-ons complement the technical development of your products with a significantly faster and lower-risk ROI.

Usage Data are Worth Gold

By connecting your machinery and cloud-based additional offers, you gain insight into machine, sensor and usage data of your appliances on site. It enables you to anticipate necessary maintenance work and carry it out proactively, to offer customized upselling and to better forecast short-term demand for machine parts. The data are also the key to effective development and refinement of your products.

Future-Oriented Alignment for the IoT

The Internet of Things is rapidly developing into one of the major innovation drivers that will soon determine everyday life in industry. Manufacturers have recognized the added value of connected assets and begin to identify and realize the potentials of their products with increasing speed. elunic will accompany you along this path helping you to harness added value into your products, to future-proof your business model and to profit from industrial change at the forefront.

IIoT Partner on Eye Level.

For 15 years, elunic has been developing cloud-based software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial corporations. We meet the growing requirements of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things with more than 30 highly qualified and specialized experts in areas such as Big Data, Predictive Maintenance, IT Security and UX Development.

Know-how Meets Innovation

Geographic proximity and close contacts to the Technical University of Munich enable us to have a continuous supply of engineers and access to the latest scientific findings. Paired with our many years of practical experience from innovative and demanding large-scale projects, we are ready to implement your requirements at the highest level.

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