Industrial Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one of the core components of Industry 4.0, through which machines and systems are proactively maintained and equipment downtime is kept as low as possible.

This proactive type of maintenance is almost symbolic for Industry 4.0 and promises a great asset for your company. Reliable monitoring through collected sensor data can detect discrepancies in the manufacturing process. Using targeted, automated, and timely triggered maintenance can prevent failure of the machines and subsequently reduce downtime and costs.

Due to its strongly proactive and data-driven character, industrial predictive maintenance reduces equipment failure, downtime and costs and, thus clearly distinguishes itself from earlier approaches of reactive or preventive maintenance.

Procedure and Technical Requirements

6 Steps to Your Successful Predictive Maintenance Project

If you want to introduce predictive maintenance in your own company, you must solve all the sub-problems of Industry 4.0: From networking and storage to business logic.

This requires the right approach.

Define Project Goal

Increasing uptime or optimizing spare part logistics are some examples of possible project goals.

Identifying Stakeholders

Be it shop floor workers, IT or the workers' council: a strategic project, such as predictive maintenance, is based on the cooperation and participation of many parties.

Define Intermediate Goals

Introducing predictive maintenance takes time. Intermediate steps, like the implementation of condition monitoring, allow companies to benefit from the increased level of digitization at an early stage.

Retrofitting Sensors

Often, existing sensors can be used. If no sensors are available, legacy equipment can be retrofitted at low costs.

Ensure Data Transmission

Sensor data are to be transmitted electronically to a central IT system. For this purpose, suitable transmission channels must be set up.

Clarify Data Retention and Operation

A coherent operating concept is required for the vast amount of data that has to be collected. elunic offers its customers proven standard solutions to accomplish this task.

Start Small to Achieve Great Things

Once the technical prerequisites for collecting and processing the sensor data are in place, we recommend starting with a small pilot project.

To do so, it is sufficient to visualize a selected parameter, such as the machine temperature. By monitoring the data series, the project team gains valuable insights into the process observed and its underlying cause-effect relationships.

Once it was determined which sensor signals and anomalies precede a machine problem, a prediction model can be developed that forms the basis for predictive maintenance.

elunic AG: Your Service Provider
for Industrial Predictive Maintenance

Every company must face the digital transformation trend and make the transition from a traditional machine manufacturing to a software company. The project management should be carried out internally to build up competency in-house.

With an experienced I4.0 service provider like elunic, companies can accelerate their digitization process considerably. We also support you in choosing the right technology and the best methodical approach from the full range of possible options.

Predictive Maintenance

Experienced Partner for I4.0 &
Predictive Maintenance Projects

Dozens of mid-sized companies have successfully entered the I4.0 age with elunic. With its 15 years of experience, the service provider will also make your digitization project a success.

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I4.0 projects only succeed in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers. elunic’s network has been benefiting its customers all around and, thus, enables fast decision-making and access to best practices.


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elunic designs tailor-made I4.0 strategies for its customers. The in-house software platform allows for quick implementation and project success in a short time.


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