With AI.SEE™ Core, you can pool and manage the AI-driven quality inspections across all your AI.SEE™ inspection cells used in production. AI.SEE™ automatically trains the AI-assisted, self-learning, neural-network-based error-detection algorithm, further improving its accuracy one image at a time.

Smart Data Mining and Data Historization for an Intelligent Control Center

With AI.SEE™, you gain full visibility into where exactly your entire production stands. Thanks to smart data mining, you can thus collect unlimited amounts of historical image data, annotations, and evaluations for future use in other AI-based systems. Within seconds, vast amounts of data can be accessed either through comprehensive filtering options in AI.SEE™’s GUI or via software access using HTTP interfaces. If required, the AI.SEE™ Core harnesses image and defect data to visualize the production quantity and quality rate in an OEE cockpit – be it cross-production or for every single production line. It also enables product tracking across multiple process steps, either through the connection of standardized interfaces or, if required, integrated into your customized web interface.


Error Annotation

Images can be individually inspected, annotated, and grouped to train deep learning models.

Continued AI Training

Neural networks are trained in the background to enable seamless transition between individual product groups.

Production QA Dashboard

In AI.SEE™, image, defect, and training data can be managed on easy-to-read dashboards in which results can also be viewed.

AI Model Deployment

Compare, contrast, and deploy AI models quickly and easily with the Line Inspector Manager.

Line Monitoring

With Line Monitoring, you have full visibility into all connected production lines along with their status.

Product Tracking

The Product Tracker enables seamless and transparent tracking of individual products.

Live View

With Live View, employees receive real-time evaluations for every part under inspection.

Can Artificial Intelligence Automate Your Optical Inspection?

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Continuous Automated Enhancements of AI

You can annotate the collected image data in AI.SEE™ Core enhancing the self-learning backend-AI to keep perfecting its training. AI.SEE™ Core also eases data understanding by providing insights into image analysis and recognition rates, visualized with descriptive metrics.

Smart annotation sorting supports prioritized annotation of relevant data to avoid annotating every single image while still maximizing the training effect for the models.

Integration Into Existing Systems

To integrate AI.SEE™ into existing IT architectures, elunic offers APIs providing functions such as image upload, download, analysis, reports, ERP connection, and much more.

Classification Options



Anomaly detection

Error detection

Operating AI.SEE™ Core — Online or Offline As Desired

AI.SEE™ Core – Online

AI.SEE™ Core Online is a cloud-based portal with frontend and backend. This allows the collected image data to be annotated to enhance the self-learning backend-AI over the cloud continuously.

AI.SEE™ Core – Offline

As an alternative to the online solution, AI.SEE™ can operate on-premise right on the shop floor running on dedicated hardware, consisting of an industrial computer with a high-performance GPU.

System Expansion With AI.SEE™ Line Inspectors

The AI.SEE™ Core is complemented and extended by AI.SEE™ Line Inspectors, smart cameras, and AI evaluation tools installed on each production line and managed via the AI.SEE™ Core. Each Line Inspector evaluates all incoming images received from its line and uses the analysis results to control the downstream processes.




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