Use case

Oil report for gearbox maintenance

The daily inspection of oil reports is an essential part of the maintenance strategy in mechanical and plant engineering to ensure the functionality and efficiency of gearboxes. Detecting contamination and analyzing different report formats can be time-consuming and error-prone.

shopfloorGPT not only automates the inspection process, but also increases the accuracy of your quality controls. Minimize the time and error rate associated with manual inspections and allow your teams to focus on critical tasks.


Challenges in Gearbox Maintenance

Time-Consuming Processes

Detecting contamination and analyzing various report formats manually is a labor-intensive task.

Error-Prone Inspections

Manual inspections are susceptible to human error, which can compromise the accuracy of quality controls.

Resource Allocation

Teams are often diverted from critical tasks to handle routine inspections, impacting overall productivity.

The AI agent simplifies and optimizes the inspection process

Automated upload

Easily integrate all oil reports into shopfloorGPT. The upload process accepts reports in PDF format and ensures immediate availability of all data.

Targeted analysis

The AI agent is programmed to check the latest oil reports for irregularities. A simple textual task description initiates the precise analysis.

Switch to shopfloorGPT and transform your maintenance strategy with automation and precision. Ensure the optimal performance of your gearboxes while freeing up valuable resources to drive innovation and growth.